Dribble Up - Advertisements - Midweek Productions
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Dribble Up – Advertisements

Promotional Video, Social Media Content, Web Commercial
About This Project

DribbleUp wanted to create short, social promos for their smart soccer ball. They had a selected family on Long Island and needed a creative film team to shoot the promos. Midweek Productions teamed up with DribbleUp to conduct the shoot. As of December, 2019 there are 6 original spots that have been created from the footage.



Midweek Productions team filmed one day on Long Island with the family that included a teen and tween daughter. 

Midweek Productions shot enough content for 6 original spots to be created out of the one day of footage. The footage was edited by DribbleUp creative team. 


Directors: Kaydee Weeks, Shelley MacLachlan

Producer: Shelley MacLachlan, Kaydee Weeks, Pankhudi Sinha

Cinematographer: Michael Koshkin


Arri Alexa Mini

Fujinon Cine Zoom lens



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