SnapDragon Apples: Crostini Recipe Video - Midweek Productions
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SnapDragon Apples: Crostini Recipe Video

Commercial, Cooking and Recipe Videos, Social Media Content, Web Commercial
About This Project

Midweek Productions teamed up with SnapDragon Apples to create a different take on a recipe video. SnapDragon Apples wanted to showcase a chef along with a recipe he created for their brand. 



Midweek Productions developed the look & feel for this video content. They shot 1 day at a studio in New York City. Midweek produced, directed, shot and edited this spot. 


Directors: Kaydee Weeks, Shelley MacLachlan

Producers: Shelley MacLachlan, Kaydee Weeks, Ellen Callaghan, Pankhudi Sinha

Cinematographer: Matthew Martin

Grip: Madeline Rivera

Editor: Shelley MacLachlan, Brandon Rohwer


Arri Amira

Arri Master Primes 

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

After Effects

Adobe Photoshop



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