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Why Hair and Make-Up are Important

The Importance of Hair and Make-up | Midweek Productions NYC Video Production

Why Hair and Make-Up are Important

This month for our blog, we are talking about Why Hair and Make-Up Are Important.

Let’s start with the obvious reasons.

Having a talented hair and make-up artist is crucial to the look of your talent. From things like covering scars or acne, improving skin tone, enhancing their natural features and of course, taming those fly-aways but hair and makeup can do a lot more, especially when it comes to storytelling.

Our first example comes from the HBO series Euphoria. The make-up mirrors the cinematography and production design and helps sell the overall story and characters. 

Our second example is from Mary Queen of Scots. The make-up used here helps sell the time period in which this movie takes place and was also individualized for each Queen based on their particular back story. 

As you can see, hair and make-up should always be a specific consideration when you are creating a story or character and it’s important to have a sit down with your artist in pre-production to see how they can help bring your vision to life.

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