COVID-19 Production Safety Protocols - Midweek Productions
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COVID-19 Production Safety Protocols

COVID-19 Production Safety Protocols

With Phase Four starting up in New York City, that includes production! While we are very excited to get back at it, we also are very adamant about safety for ourselves as well those we will be working with. In order to make sure everyone feels at ease with our team, we provide a copy of our COVID-19 Production Safety Protocols prior to shooting.  Check out some of the highlights below!


All Midweek Productions crew members are required to be tested for COVID-19 as close to set date as possible and must provide a negative test result BEFORE the shoot. We also provide a spreadsheet showing negative results so everyone can see for themselves. In addition to testing, we take daily temperatures at the beginning and end of each shoot day and keep a tracking doc to detect any abnormalities. 


Midweek Productions will provide masks to be worn by all crew members. We require that everyone wears them at all times, indoors and outdoors, to keep everyone safe and feeling safe. 


All of our crew members will keep a distance of at least 6 feet when possible. This also means that our introductions will need to be done with a happy wave instead of handshake or hug. We still are excited to see you, we promise! 

Also, we are using more wide and telephoto lenses which will help to create distance between the camera and the on-camera subject. We also limit how many people will be on set, keeping our crews as small as possible. 


All crew members must wear gloves when they are handling gear, opening doors, or are in high touch areas. When gloves are not being worn, hands must be washed and disinfected often. Hand sanitizer will be available at all times to all crew members and will be used frequently. Each crew member is provided their own hand sanitizer to ensure that no germs are being transmitted. 


All gear will be properly disinfected before, during and after each use. This includes stands, cases, tripods, cell phones and microphones. 


We no longer will have a crew member place a microphone on interviewees. Every participant will be instructed on how to put the microphone on themselves using a disposable microphone cover and fastener. Boom microphones will be placed at a greater distance and the wind screen will be disinfected after each use.  


If a makeup artist is on set, they will bring disposable applicators for each participant. There is to be no sharing of products or applicators. We also will increase the amount of time between those who will need hair and make-up to ensure that there is plenty of time for proper disinfecting between talent. 


Sorry elaborate Crafty! We will miss you so!

There will not be open craft services or buffet/family style lunches. While we are not getting rid of crafty completely (some of us are hypoglycemic!) it will be individually wrapped and only available before the start of set. We encourage grabbing a few things and putting them in your pack for later.

Everyone must also bring their own water bottle and coffee mug and make sure that it is clearly labeled with their name. Water and coffee will be supplied.

And for larger shoots, we will have a separate COVID-19 Set Safety Certified officer. This person will ensure that everything is staying safe for all people on set. 

As we continue to learn more, we of course will update our COVID-19 Production Safety Protocols and also encourage any suggestions you might have!  We are excited to get back on set with you all, just in the safest way possible! 

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