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The team, lead by Kaydee Weeks and Shelley MacLachlan, boasts a wide array of skills and tools in their arsenal – producing, directing, writing, cinematography, editing, sound and color grading.
video production, video editing, field production NYC, New York videography
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Midweek can help you, no matter where you are in the creative process. Whether you already have a concept or are starting from scratch our top-notch producing and creative teams can assist with scriptwriting, casting, location scouting and of course putting the gears in motion to get your production started.


Regardless of the scale of your photo, video, film or television production, Midweek will put together the best team of skilled production professionals for your shoot. Our teams are equipped and skilled with the latest cameras and gear.


Our highly trained editors, colorists and post production professionals are excited to apply their skills in creating compelling video, film, tv or photo content. Using the latest editing techniques through Adobe Premiere, AVID, After Effects and Adobe Creative Cloud, our team is ready to edit your video, series and photo content. 

Interested in learning more about the services we offer?

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