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Why does shooting a video take such a damn long time?

Why does shooting a video take such a damn long time?

Welcome back! A production day is on average 12 hours long. And depending on the production, company moves and schedules or mis-scheduling it can be a lot longer! So why is this?

1. Personnel is expensive.It is expensive to hire a lot of talented people for a day and so with the bottom line always top of mind the goal is to accomplish as much as possible in a day since in production we work on a day rate and not hourly rates.

2. There is a lot of equipment that goes into it all.Not one light, stand, or cord already exists in the location. Everything needs to be brought in, set-up and perfected, long before the first shot takes place. (time lapse of set up) You know how that scene in the diner looks great but when you ate at that diner the lighting was bland and fluorescent? It’s because all that lighting was brought in to make it look cinematic. (come up with real example to show)

3. There are a lot of moving parts.  You have crew, talent and clients all on-set and this means everyone needs to be in a specific place at a specific time. Every time the camera moves, the whole set-up must move too. While in a perfect world, it would move like a well-choreographed dance, in reality, it isn’t and that just adds the time on-set.

While there are many more reasons that a production day can take so damn long, these are just a few examples. For more information on production and what we are up to, be sure to like our Facebook and Instagram and check out our blogs on our website, midweekproductions.com.



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