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Serial Content: Video, Podcasts and Social Media

Serial Content: Video, Podcasts and Social Media

This month we are talking about Monthly Video, Podcast, or Social Media content for your Brand.  Serial Content is independent stand-alone videos or podcasts that each tell a different story or subject matter. If you want your audience to come back to your social media, website or landing page, you need to give them new and fresh content. It is best if your audience knows when to expect this content. It could be daily, weekly or monthly. 

On the production side of things, it’s great to sit down with your production team ahead of time and discuss what your goals and audience are. This allows our team to strategize on how best to keep your content fresh while getting the most of out of your budget. One example of this is creating multiple videos in a single day like we did with DribbleUp smart soccer ball. Because we discussed with their creative team their goals ahead of time, we were able to create stellar social content that attracted hundreds of thousands of potential customers to their product. 

Another benefit, according to 29Design founder Maureen Ballatori, having consistent monthly content not only helps keep your audience but also helps with SEO. 

It can be difficult to start thinking more long term about your video or serial content, especially if you have a smaller marketing team. If you have any questions regarding the topics discussed, please feel free to reach out. Or if you have content you want to produce, shoot us an email at

For more information on any topic and to see what we are up to, be sure to like our Facebook and Instagram and check out our website,


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