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Midweek Productions is a full service video production company in New York City focusing on original series, branded video content, social media videos and documentaries.
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Midweek Productions is a full service video production company based in New York City.

Founded by Director/Producer duo Kaydee Weeks and Shelley MacLachlan,

Midweek Productions is your creative production solution. 

We specialize in

original series, social video,

commercials, documentaries, podcasts & photography.

Midweek Productions is your creative video production partner

from pre-production through post production. 

Your Original Content Needs

Original Storytelling

There are a plethora of video production companies that can only take direction. Midweek Productions is different. We source & develop stories into compelling pieces of work.

Dynamic visual storytelling is our forte. Our team is passionate about stories that can impact and change the world from a variety of perspectives.

Griswold Brothers "Above It All" | Midweek Productions #videoproductionNYC
Girl Scouts of Connecticut 2 Video Commercial NYC

Midweek Productions’ mission is to bring forth stories and people that may not typically get center stage in the mainstream media. Midweek Productions is built in Brooklyn, one of New York City’s diverse and eclectic boroughs and it’s important that the people they work with and feature showcase the world they see on a daily basis.