Midweek Productions - Midweek Productions - Midweek Productions
Midweek Productions is a full service video production company in New York City focusing on original series, branded video content, social media videos and documentaries.
Video production NYC, branded content, social media, videos, Brooklyn documentaries, original series, branded video, branded content, short form, video marketing, advertising, commercial, talking head
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A Women Owned, Full Service production company

We Specialize in Commercial, Social Media & Documentary Video Productions.


Creative concepting, copywriting and casting.

Artboard 37


On location and in studio filming & photography


Post Production

Editing, animation & sound design

A little about us

Midweek Productions is co-founded by Shelley MacLachlan & Kaydee Weeks. They pride themselves on being certified as a Women-Owned Business in New York City and New York State. 

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